Class Glass, USA

Glass & Acrylic

Class Glass offers in-house and on-site sandblasting for any type of glass. We work with glaziers, designers, architects, builders, homeowners, sign and exhibit companies to reproduce logos, enhance décor, add privacy and create customized displays. Examples of our work include:Reception and conference area signage
Restaurant and office mirrors
Interior transoms and dividers
Entryways and sidelights
Privacy windows and custom shower doors
Pantry, game room and wine cellar doors
Custom Sandblasted Glass

Glass and Acrylic Etching by the Professionals at Class Glass USA

Etched GuardTM protectant — Our proprietary protectant provides a barrier between porous sandblasted surfaces and potential blemishes. It also seals the sandblasting which makes it easy to maintain. Etched GuardTM is a permanent finish when maintained correctly and is available for wholesale application.

Color etching — This proprietary technique permanently infuses etched glass with color. We add single or multiple colors to give your project additional depth and texture. A clear, hard finish tops the color for protection and a beautiful finish. Color etching can be applied to positive patterns only.

Etched Guard Protectant
Color Etching

Sandblasting film — Our on-site transfer of imitation sandblast film in your office space or display accommodates existing glass, without the permanence of sandblasting.